Program Levels

Program Detail

Next Athletics caters for children of all abilities, providing four program levels which align with a child’s age and stage of development.

Level 1

Pre-school to Foundation (Ages 3-5). FOCUS: MOVEMENT FOUNDATION

The Level One program caters for pre-school aged children, ages 3-5, and provides young children with a safe, positive, active experience where they can develop both basic movement and social skills. In the process of movement exploration and active group play, children develop body control skills, spatial awareness and keep themselves and others safe. Sessions run for 45 minutes and may be conducted in indoor or outdoor locations. This level requires parent involvement to support a young child’s participation.

Level 2

Foundation to Year 2 (Ages 5-8). FOCUS: SKILLS INTRODUCTION

The Level Two program is designed for early primary-aged children, aged 5-8 years. The program engages children in fun, positive social play, supporting them to develop independence and resilience. Through active games, children begin to develop confidence and competence in key foundation skills (run, jump, throw) to develop their physical literacy. Sessions run for 60 minutes and may be conducted at indoor or outdoor locations.

Level 3

Year 3 and 4 (Ages 8-10). FOCUS: SKILLS DEVELOPMENT

The Level Three program focuses on junior primary-aged children from the ages of 8-10. The sessions are made up of a range of individual and team-based games and activities that encourage children to build on fundamental skills and introduce more complex movement patterns (such as dodge, leap, and hurdle), in a fun and inclusive environment. Cooperation and teamwork become an important component of the program. Participants enhance their understandings by considering movement options, outcomes, and possible adjustments. Sessions run for 60 minutes and may be conducted at indoor or outdoor locations.

Level 4

Year 5 and 6 (Ages 10-12). FOCUS: SKILLS COMPETENCY

Level Four of the program has been constructed for primary-aged children, 10-12 years of age. The program continues to build upon complex skills development and competency through more challenging activities and athletics specific skills, such as triple jump or discus. Participants explore game concepts and strategies in more competitive environments and continue to develop their competency, resilience and self-confidence. These skills still involve a range of different fun and inclusive games and activities conducted in a supporting environment. Sessions run for 60 minutes and may be conducted at indoor or outdoor locations.

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Next Athletics acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands on which we play, learn, and grow. We pay our respects to First Nations elders both past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.