Why Next Athletics

Next Athletics is a brand-new junior athletics program developed by Athletics Australia. Next Athletics is the future, now!

So why Next Athletics? Here’s 10 reasons:

1. Next Athletics is fun, inclusive, and supportive.

The Next Athletics program provides children with a fun and inclusive opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace by focusing on skills acquisition through game play rather than competition. Research shows that children are motivated by learning and developing skills while interacting socially with their peers and developing fitness through game play rather than participating in formal competition. We still use competition, but in a fun and supportive way that supports children to grow and develop.

2. Next Athletics is short duration and flexible - the way junior athletics programs should be delivered.

Next Athletics is a school term-based, flexible program. Depending on the level, classes last between 45 and 60 minutes once a week. We know families are busy and time poor. There’s no waiting around for hours and no need for parents to volunteer their time to make sure the program runs. Programs run year-round and children can opt in and out of terms as they choose, depending on other sporting, education, and social commitments.

3. There's lots of action!

We know how boring it is for kids standing around waiting in line, so Next Athletics has been designed to keep kids moving and maximise learning. This is important for their enjoyment and for getting the most out of a physical activity program.

4. We want (and need) children to discover a love for sport and physical activity.

Their future health depends on it! Athletics is often described as the foundation of all sports. The basic skills of running, jumping, and throwing, along with balance, agility, coordination are essential, but they need to be taught and nurtured. Next Athletics does this in a safe and supportive environment by focusing on physical literacy development through games-based activity. This gives children the skills, confidence, and motivation to be active throughout their whole lives.

5. Next Athletics has been developed by athletics and physical activity experts, including with the support of global experts at World Athletics.

It's the Official Junior Athletics Program of Athletics Australia – the only junior athletics program endorsed by the National body responsible for athletics in Australia.

6. Next Athletics is backed by research and the latest thinking.

We’ve used research and global best practice to develop a program that meets the needs of children and helps them to develop athletics and life skills that are vital for their development.

7. Next Athletics is delivered by Athletics Australia accredited coaches.

Our research shows that coaches are the number one factor in providing a positive experience for children and that it’s essential that we use paid, professional coaches to provide the best learning opportunity.

8. Next Athletics class sizes are capped.

Participant numbers in all Next Athletics programs are capped at a maximum of 20 children per class. This is to ensure that all children get the most from their experience.

9. Next Athletics focusses on the whole child.

Next Athletics considers the whole child with sessions designed to include a variety of social environments where children engage in partnerships, small groups and team play to grow their love of being physically active while building lasting friendships in the process. Next Athletics allows children to explore and develop social and emotional regulation skills through the program’s values and life skills in every session. Children can learn to share, communicate, negotiate, collaborate and respect others. Through play, children also develop resilience, courage, and determination.

10. Next Athletics allows your child to level up!

Next Athletics has been designed as a tiered, progressive program that gradually develops vital athletics and life skills. Children can progress through the levels of the program, unlocking new skills and setting them up to be the best they can be in whatever they pursue in life!

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Next Athletics acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands on which we play, learn, and grow. We pay our respects to First Nations elders both past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.